A New Concept of Simulation


Why Choosing MOEBIUS

Wide range of applications to Engineering, Energy, Life Science

MOEBIUS revolutionizes the application of multi-physics to cross-domain applications accelerating the development and discovery process

Unparalled flexibility

MOEBIUS combines multi-disciplinary expertise to deliver custom embedded solver into your device or in cloud engineering platforms


Unique multi-scale technology 

Predict the behavior of flowing matter made possible by assembling physical forces within the same solver

Extreme automation for Cloud Computing

Manage CAD files, discover geometry gaps, discretize space and simulate: MOEBIUS does it automatically in one-click. The perfect solution for demanding computing environments

Accurate, Validated, Fast

Outcome of 20 years of research MOEBIUS is the platform for Professionals who want to optimize high tech products that natively combines physical laws that cannot be handled by traditional simulation tools

Unleash MOEBIUS on GPUs and CPUs delivering cost-effective science with unprecedented turn around times

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