Blood Flows

Simulating blood flows in arteries and veins unveils the severity of vascular disease, such as atherosclerosis, clotting and plaque rupture

Often vascular geometries are derived from medical images, which makes the usage of automated pipelines for geometry preparation and post-processing mandatory to investigate the blood flow in its entirety

Blood purification devices requires to tune operating conditions to minimize cellular damage and maximize throughput

MOEBIUS handles such geometries in full automation: a major paradigm change

The benefits of MOEBIUS for Blood Flows 


Use the right  blood rheology based on continuum models or in presence of explicit plasma and red blood cells


Analyze flow anomalies, pressure drops and derived biomarkers, such as Fractional Flow Reserve, under laminar and transitional conditions


Elute drugs in the blood stream at precision spots and evaluate the interaction with vascular walls and cells

Blood Purification Devices


Monitor maximum shear stress vs flow rates to control blood damage 


Model blood filters in full detail and optimize the device for clog-free functioning


Quantify hemolysis and coagulation indicators based on the cells individual history


Analyze complex filter geometries by leveraging automatic meshing capabilities


Turbulent flow in a blood purification device


Efficient cell sorting in a blade filter

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