Life Science

Predict the dynamics of life science systems under flow or quasi-static conditions.

· Elicit biomolecular response under confined or bulk solvation for drug delivery and discovery. Assess drug performances in the virtualized human before engaging into expensive experimental campaigns

· Push the envelope of non-invasive diagnostics to assess cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases

The benefit of using MOEBIUS in studying Enzymatic activities


Understand biochemical transitions activated by surrounding flows: unfolding, refolding, allostery, cleavage, substrate binding and drug delivery


Molecular recognition, diffusive processes, signaling pathway, diffusion in crowded cell environments: test the treatment of degenerative diseases by physical forces


Optimize bioreactors, agitated tanks and recirculation systems to optimize mixing strategies, device design and minimize cell damages.

Physiological Flows

MOEBIUS virtual physiological flows in anatomical conduits enables the characterization of blood streams in cardiovascular & cerebral networks and airflow in nasal & pulmonary airways


Pair with MedLea software DigiScan to reconstruct intricate anatomies, from cardiovascular to airways networks, via its Automated Imaging Segmentation and Artificial Intelligence platform


Push the envelope of non-invasive diagnostics and helps preventing cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases

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