High-Performance Computing

MOEBIUS can run by number crunching on
Laptops, Desktops, Clusters or directly on the Cloud

Use the architecture that best fits your needs
Many-core CPUs

MOEBIUS is fully containerized and deployed in custom forms


GPUs: the Ground-Breaking Technology


Run millions to billions of grid points and millions to billions of updates per second


Get results immediately by running on a personal desktop or on a remote facility 


MOEBIUS democratizes simulations from professionals to home computing

CPUs: Solid and Scalable


Speed Up and Core Hour Increase: 1.5X increase in cost yields to a speed up of 16X. 10-20% increase in cost increase, yields to a speed up of 10X


Optimal Speed Up and Core Hour Increase versus Simulation Size: simulation speed up 10X with 20% cost increase. With almost no cost increase, a speed up of 10X is achieved

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